Updating Results

Jordan Beard

6.30 AM

Time to start the day. My alarm on my phone starts to go off, though I usually hit snooze once before actually getting out of bed when it goes off for a second time. Living close to work certainly has its perks – I have time to get up, have a shower, cook up some bacon and eggs, make myself a coffee, scroll through some social media, and still make it to the bus in time to get to work by 8.

8.00 AM

By 8 o’clock I’m at my desk, logging into my computer. I start my day by checking my emails to see if there is anything I need to action urgently. Working with clients and colleagues across different time zones means that I can sometimes come in to a handful of new emails that have come through overnight. My team mates all arrive over the next hour and I have a quick chat to then as they come in and ask if they’ve done anything interesting over the weekend.

Jordan at his desk

9.00 AM

I’m in full working mode now. Today I am looking at different options for an apron expansion for one of our mining company clients. Part of this involves using a software that runs in AutoCAD to track (drive) planes around the proposed apron to make sure they are able to maneuver safely without crashing into anything. I can’t say I ever envisaged that I would be doing this for work while I was studying at University.

11.00 AM

Time for the weekly meeting with the team to discuss resourcing for the week. We head to a meeting room to run through the projects we are each currently working on and to see if anyone needs further assistance with their workload for the week ahead. Being in a small team of five we all generally know what each other are working on and try to keep up with how different projects are progressing.

12.00 PM

Back to the desk after the meeting. I have a drafter lined up to make some changes to our drawings for a different job. I go and sit with her at her desk, and run through the mark ups with her to make sure she understands what needs updating and what we’re after.

Jordan in a meeting

1.00 PM

Lunch time. I like to have my lunch slightly later than most. I find I’m more productive in the mornings and the late lunch makes the afternoon go quite quickly. I take my lunch outside to enjoy some fresh air. I sit with my headphones and watch some ice hockey on my phone while I eat.

1.30 PM

We have a safety in design workshop with a client to attend. The Project Director, Project Manager, Risk Advisor and I jump in an Uber to head out to the Airport where our meeting is being held. 

The meeting room is within the airside boundary fence, so we all throw on our high-vis vest and sign in with the airside security. As we walk through on the way to the meeting room the smell of aviation fuel hits my nose. Being out at the airport always puts into perspective the work I do on a daily basis.

3.00 PM

We start our safety in design workshop. This commences firstly with a safety moment from our workshop facilitator, then the Project Director quickly goes over the scope of the project we’re working on. The workshop includes people from all the different stakeholders involved in the execution of the project. We work our way through the project life cycle and identify different risks and ways to mitigate/manage them. 

4.30 PM

That’s a wrap, we finish up with the workshop and say bye to our clients. Each of us jump in Ubers to head home. When I get home, I change out of my work clothes, throw on the TV and finish watching the ice hockey game I started watching during lunch. 

6.30 PM

Finally to release some stress I get ready for one of my favorite post work activities, a game of roller hockey with a group of mates. I don my gear and head down to the local street hockey rink. After the exciting game, we grab some food and a beer before heading home and calling it a night.

Jordan playing hockey